Delivery & Ordering Methods

 Hey, before you read further. Here's a quick check to see if our products can reach your location.

Our Mushroom Rendang 500g and Lemang Daun Lerek Greenwood cannot be shipped through parcel and do not have a very long shelf life as the Mushroom Lah's Travel Pack.

Therefore, these 2 items are only available via Group delivery or Direct delivery (driver) to the Whole of Kuala Lumpur and most of Klang Valley.

We strive to give you the best customer experience as possible. Hence, we try to provide Group delivery to lower the delivery cost to your location. Typically, the cost of delivery may vary depends on the further you are from Kuala Lumpur/ Klang Valley. 

If you are really far from us, we recommend you to purchase our Mushroom Lah's Travel Pack. 

If this all sounds confusing, don't worry. The delivery options will pop up upon checkout. For more details on the rates and locations, please continue reading.

Here's how to order your Mushroom Rendang!

Click on Mushroom Lah's Mushroom Rendang 500g


Select the batch date you prefer. The dates would typically fall on Saturdays



Select your rendang quantity. Add to cart. And you can proceed to add other items!


Here's how to order your Lemang Daun Lerek Greenwood!

Same thing as ordering your Rendang, select the batch date you prefer. Make sure to double confirm the dates on your Rendang and Lemang.


Here's how to order your Mushroom Lah's Travel Pack!

Good news for our friends outside of Selangor and KL. We now have the Travel Pack that can be shipped nationwide.

DISCLAIMER: The Travel Pack shipping cost is completely fine. However, the system does not absorb the delivery cost if you are ordering them together with either Mushroom Rendang 500g or Lemang. The system would combine them both.





Delivery / Shipping Method


 Shipping - Only for Travel Pack

 Unfortunately, there is no shipping option for Rendang 500g or Lemang. They cannot be packaged in a parcel. 

For our customers outside of Kuala Lumpur, we have our Mushroom Rendang Travel Pack that can be shipped.


   Group Delivery - Cheaper/ Same Day / Fixed Time

We do our best to group orders together, assign them to our drivers and you would get slightly lower delivery rate.

Your orders will be sent on cooking batch day (the date on the product title). Our drivers will be out for delivery from 11am to 4pm. 


Since everyone's orders are grouped together, our drivers already have their routes fixed. Please have a person available at home to receive the delivery during those delivery hours above.

Or you can add to order note to "leave at guard" or "leave at front door" if that is possible.

However, if you want your delivery to be much later than the assigned time, for example; 9.00pm at night, or keep it frozen to deliver on monday, you need to choose Direct Delivery.


  Direct Delivery - Direct / Flexible Timing

Orders are sent directly to you, not grouped in large numbers.

Add to order note in cart: what time do you want it delivered.

Example: You wrote on the note, "9.00pm". Expect it to be 1 hour within the time requested. around 9.00-10.00pm

Kind reminder:

Please have a person available at home to receive the delivery during the time you requested.

Or you can add to order note to "leave at guard" or "leave at front door" if that is possible.


  Self Pickup or I will arrange my own delivery - Free

Self Pickup is available on 11am to 4pm only. You can also request to pickup for another day, but still are referring to the Self Pickup time slot above.

Please write on the order note what time do you plan to drop by and pickup your order so we can get them ready in advance. 

Example; "Will pickup later on Monday at 12.00pm, thank you"